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CodeStriker on Windows integrated with ClearCase

Shambhu Sharma-2

          I installed CodeStriker-1.9.10 on Windows integrated with ClearCase. I had to do some modification in the code to make it work on Windows, hence thought of sharing with all.
In lib file "" under "getDiff" subroutine, it was running "setview" command without check OS (Windows/ Unix). I put it under a "if" condition.

      if (! Codestriker::is_windows()) {
          # Set the current view to the repository's dynamic view name.
          $clearcase = ClearCase::CtCmd->new();
          ($status, $output, $errormsg) =
            $clearcase->exec('setview', $self->{dynamic_view_name});

          # Check the result of the setview command.
        if ($status)
            print $stderr_fh "CtCmd::exec($ctcmd) failed: $errormsg.\n";
            return $Codestriker::OK;

If linux doesn't have a solution, then u have a wrong problem.

Shambhu Kumar Sharma
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