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Codestriker 1.9.10 test 1 release

David Sitsky
Dear Codestrikers,

I've put up a 1.9.10 test release I'd love people to download and try
out.  I've included the changes below.  You can downloda this release
from here:


* Implemented "log out" action.

* Implemented another corner case with Subversion diffs for handling
  empty file entries.

* Fixed issue where duplicate bug IDs specified on topic creation would
  prevent the topic from being created.

* Added new configuration option in codestriker.conf for setting the
  List-Id header for all emails sent, to assist in filtering,
  particularly for gmail.  Also added -i parameter to script to specify the List-Id header
  value to use.

* Support for integration with Mantis bug tracking system.  Code was
  implemented by Gustavo Silva <[hidden email]>,
  <[hidden email]> with support from Dextra
  Technologies <>.

* Support for git repositories from Jeffrey Middleton
  <[hidden email]>.

* Fixed "Parallel View" links for ClearCase repositories, from
  Thomas Yan <[hidden email]>.

* Make the message ID in Codestriker emails RFC 2822 compliant.

* Changed usage of email References and In-Reply-To headers so that
  email threading will occur at a comment/issue level rather than a
  topic level.  This should allow for better management of outstanding
  issues in email clients such as gmail.

* Implementation of email gateway in bin/,
  which allows for comments to be added to a topic by simply replying
  to an email.

* Added support for creating Perforce topics given the path (module_name),
  and either two labels or changelists for the start/end tag fields,
  from Arun Jose <[hidden email]>.

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