Codestriker 1.9.6 released

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Codestriker 1.9.6 released

David Sitsky
A new updated of Codestriker is now available at  Here is what has changed:

* Ability to create Codestriker topics automatically from a Subversion
  commit, via the bin/ script.  Once the
  appropriate configuration is set at the start of the file, simply
  add it to your Subversion repos/hooks/post-commit file as the

  /path/to/codestriker/bin/ "$REPOS" "$REV"

* "Default to head" option for CVS topic creation was not used when
  selected, but when it was unselected.  This has now been fixed.
  Spotted by [hidden email].

* Fix for "v-string in use/require non-portable" warning when using
  Perl 5.10 from [hidden email].

* Deleting a topic connected with a TestDirector bug has been fixed
  by [hidden email].

* Creation of Subversion topics which use a file for the module field
  in the create topic screen may not work correctly for some versions
  of Subversion.  This has now been fixed by
  [hidden email].

* Make sure XML representation of a topic has its data properly escaped.
  Fixed by [hidden email].

* Ability to parse git patches correctly.

* Ability to parse hg diffs (Mercurial SCM) correctly.

* Better detection of filename extensions for highlighting.  This
  previously caused issues for temporary directories which contained
  a period, but the filename itself didn't.  Reported by
  [hidden email].

* Scmbug integration now works correctly if multiple bug IDs are
  specified is the create topic screen.  Fixed by
  [hidden email].

* Fixed the parsing of Subversion diffs which contained modifications
  within property sets.  Also fixed case where file in diff is empty.
  Reported by [hidden email].

* Show total added/removed line count after table of contents on view
  topic screen.  Also show same line counts on create topic email.

* Make the topic title in the edit comment page link directly to the
  code location being commented on rather than just the top of the
  view topic page.

* Use pegged revisions instead of operative revisions when retrieving
  files from Subversion to handle situations where files have been moved
  within the repository since the review was created.  Fixed by
  [hidden email].

* In the create topic email, show the URL to the associated bug records
  if $bugtracker is defined in codestriker.conf rather than just the bug

* Allow the Parallel links to work for new files and display them


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