Codestriker 1.9.7 RC1 available

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Codestriker 1.9.7 RC1 available

David Sitsky
Dear Codestrikers,

Version 1.9.7 is almost ready for general release.  RC1 of this
release can be downloaded from

Below are the list of changes:


* Introduced basic user authentication / authorisation into the
  system.  If the $admin_users configuration variable is specified
  in codestriker.conf, this contains a list of "admin" users.
  If defined, admin users are the only ones who can
  create/edit/delete projects.
* Created another Subversion post-commit script which is an extension
  of the standard script which ships with Subversion.
  The email sent also includes an additional line, which is the URL to
  the auto-created topic.

* Updated so that it can be executed from any directory, not
  just bin.

* Creating Perforce topics directly from already committed files in the
  depot did not work if the depot was on a different machine to the
  web-server.  This has now been fixed.

* Fixed an issue where some Perforce describe diffs were not being
  parsed correctly as reported by [hidden email].  This has
  now been fixed.

* Added a drop-down on the topic create page where the initial topic
  state can be set.  By default, this is set to "Open", however in
  situations where a review has already been performed but needs to
  be recorded, or a topic is automatically created from a post-commit
  script from an SCM, sometimes another initial state is desirable.

* Updated to support a separate Apache virtual host per
  Codestriker project as suggested by [hidden email].
  Manual has been updated with the appropriate instructions.

* Help popup text windows on the create topic and search screens
  disappear automatically when the cursor is moved off the (?) link.

* Fixed a bug where Subversion diffs with binary files that contained
  property changes were not handled correctly.

* Make $file_viewer more flexible so it can handle file mapping URLs
  which have CGI parameters.  Submitted by [hidden email].

* Scmbug integration now works correctly when there are multiple
  commits to the same file under the one Bug ID.  Fixed by
  [hidden email].

* ScmBug integration now works correctly when deleted files are
  present in a Subversion changeset.

* Added "Diff" link for each comment on the list comments page so that for
  those reviews which aren't linked to an SCM, it is still possible
  to quickly link back to the coloured topic text.

* Fixed the rendering of non-latin characters when syntax highlighting is

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