Regenerate the new file from the browser?

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Regenerate the new file from the browser?

Hello Codestriker guru,

We are currently using Codestriker 1.9.4 on Redhat 4 update 4 Linux server.
For the last three years we are very impress with codestriker.
We are using CVS for our source codes management.

Anyway, I've a developer is asking me this?
I'm cut and past his question into this email and hope the codestriker community
to help.

"I want a way to have codestriker regenerate an original text file so that I can
save it from the browser window and use it with development tools.

Here is an example.  File x.c is in the repository, at version N.  I make some
changes to it, and send my file to another developer   I do not commit my
version, because the I think that only safe way to do that would be to put it on
an individual branch.

That developer does some testing and then eventually makes a codestriker review
using version N as the base version, and his version of the file for comparison.

If the change is complicated, I want to be able to quickly determine how the
developer's version differs from the one I originally supplied. I want to generate a text
file from the codestriker review that I can compare to my own file, just using
ordinary ascii tools such as diff. i.e. I want to see what changes were made to
my version.

A snazzier option would be a way that I could take a codestriker review, and
then add in my original file and see the differences with all the coloring etc
of a standard codestriker review."

Thank you in advance for your help.


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